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Awz Ventures Inc. (Awz) is a Canadian boutique provider of high-end, made-to-measure security and intelligence solutions and services for corporations and governmental entities. Awz specializes in sourcing, advancing and financing security initiatives, technologies and intelligence projects on a global scale.

One-stop, state-of-the-art, customized security and intelligence solutions

Awz offers tailor-made solutions and services in several Homeland Security sectors including:

  • Actionable Intelligence Analysis
  • SmartSafe City Initiatives
  • Cyber Security end-to-end solutions, breach recovery capabilities and Cyber Security Training
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Corporation Security and Intelligence Solutions
  • Aviation, Maritime and Land Transportation Security
  • Mega-Event, Facility and Venue Security
  • Dignitary Protection
  • Counter Terrorism Training
  • Command, Control & Communications
  • Crisis & Emergency Management

Our Commitment

Awz, through its leadership, knowledge, expertise and partnerships is fully committed to providing, in Canada and globally, comprehensive and fully integrated, best-of-breed security and intelligence solutions and services tailored to respond to a client’s range of vulnerabilities and threats.

Awz is dedicated to excellence, reliability and commitment.

Awz Ventures Inc. (Awz)